LN522 - Industrial Lithium 9V Battery 12/box

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Power your industrial and professional devices with Energizer Industrial 9V Lithium Batteries. Proven lithium
performance keeps you on the job with the longest lasting professional batteries in high tech devices at construction
sites, facility maintenance, repair services, medical centers, business offices, classrooms, and more. And because your
tools of the trade are an investment worth protecting, these industrial 9V batteries are 100% leak proof in standard
use. They perform in extreme temperatures ( 40ºF to 140ºF) and hold their power with up to 10 years of shelf life. All
of these features are packed inside a lithium 9V battery that weighs 25% less than an alkaline 9V. Oh, and there's this:
These 9V batteries provide up to 10 years of backup battery in AC powered smoke detectors. So, for the precision
devices and crucial equipment of your work site, depend on the power and protection of Energizer Industrial 9V
Lithium Batteries.  (Replacing L522)

Features & Benefits
• Energizer Industrial 9V Lithium Batteries puts the power you need within reach
• Protect critical equipment at the work site with the longest lasting professional 9V batteries in high tech
  devices, plus they are 100% leak proof in standard usage
• Power your critical professional devices in the field, at the office, and anywhere else you need dependable
   lithium batteries
• Keep work site devices at full tilt with 9V batteries that hold power for up to 10 years in storage
• Keep work devices and workdays running smoothly with reliable, long lasting batteries for air fresheners,
  digital thermometers, door locks, and more

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